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Kingsway English Test

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Kingsway English Test was established in 2005 by Kingsway English Centre to provide a telephone assessment service to many of its existing customers who were familiar with Kingsway's standards of excellence and consistency. It was originally called Fonetest but was rebranded "Kingsway English Test" to reflect the changing methods of communication.

The Kingsway English Test system uses the same assessment criteria which have been developed and used in school for the last 30 years. Kingsway English Test assessors are all Kingsway staff who are in daily contact with the teaching of English so there is an on-going review of assessment standards to ensure a consistent and reliable service for you.

Kingsway English Centre

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Kingsway is run by husband and wife team Rick and Sue Johns in Worcester, UK. The organisation has over 30 years' experience in assessing and training professional people from all walks of life in English language. The majority of Kingsway's clients are corporate sponsored and need English to use in their jobs.

Quality Assurance

The school is accredited by the British Council under the "Accreditation UK" scheme, and is a member of English UK, the professional body of language training organisations in the UK. It is also accredited by IALC, the International Association of Language Centres. These three quality marks give you minimum standards and are checked regularly through a programme of inspections for your peace of mind.