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Case Studies

Case Study One: A Large Multi-National


A large multi-national company that has been using Kingsway English Test for the last 3 years recruits globally but provides its own in-company training at 5 centres around the world. By the time its employees reach the training centre they have completed 3 – 6 months employment locally and already racked up big costs in salaries, benefits and other expenses. It was only at this point that they got to find out if there was a communication problem!

Kingsway English Test now provides English language tests at the point of hiring so the recruiters no longer have to try to measure something in which they are not expert, The recruiting teams now have a 'benchmarked' evaluation of their recruits' English skills before they hire them so they can make informed decisions about their ability to perform in the international environment.

Assessing English ability at point of hire has improved dramatically the pass rate at training centres, saving thousands of dollars in wasted recruitment costs.

Case Study Two: A Shipping Company

Singapore Harbour

A shipping company that started using Kingsway English Test last year employs international recruiting agencies to provide crew from all over the world for its ships. Surely an industry where communication in English is critical! The problem was they only discovered their English wasn't up to scratch once on board – when it was too late.

Kingsway English Test now provides English language tests of all potential crew members as a condition of accepting them from the agencies. The agencies pay for the tests and the company now has peace of mind.

Ensuring their crews can communicate well has improved efficiency and reduced downtime due to communication errors, saving thousands of dollars in servicing their fixed price contract work.

Case Study Three: A Chinese Company

Chinese Businessman

A Chinese company working in international markets uses local English schools in China for the provision of language training for those employees working in the international sector. However it found it hard to determine the effectiveness of this training, who to provide it for, and for how long.

Kingsway English Test now provides a regular test at the end of each English course. This has enabled the company to decide effectively where to focus its training resources (both in terms of which people and the amount of time) saving them a considerable amount of money in their training budget. In addition those employees not performing well are required to fund extra training themselves, ensuring that the company's funds are used with maximum leverage!